Thursday, January 1, 2009

Welcome to my Interracial blog site :)

Hello and welcome to my new Interracial blog site.

Disclaimer: I would first like to say this blog is racy and outspoken so anything pretty much goes and if it offends you then it is not for you.

This blog site was created in honor of the large, rapidly growing trend of white husbands and their white wives and white girlfriends and single white women looking for BBC. Due to the huge amount of increasing BBC groups it is becoming evident that a black man with a BBC can bring these beautiful, hot and horny white women vast amounts of great $exual pleasure and satisfaction. More and more white couples realize this and thus is why so many black men are being invited into the homes and hotels to please these highly $exual white wives, girlfriends and single women. It is a wonderful thing. It is really a blessing to have a black man in the bedroom to bring white women such $exual and sensual joy.

Many white women on the web who have
adult sites have gone black only such as,,, and just to name a few. Also, if you notice more and more white woman with adult sites are mostly having $ex with black men on their sites. Black cock seems to be the #1. choice for white sluts everywhere. Don`t get me wrong some of these women still have $ex with white men on their sites once in awhile but regularly these white women are fu#king black men the vast majority of the time. I would say your average white woman with an adult site is fu#king black men 70% of the time and white men 20% of the time and other women 10% of the time. Congratulations black men you have a powerful tool and may you continue to provide BBC service to all BBC craving white women/black cock sluts everywhere. Thank you also to the women that dedicate themselves to these black men by being the true black cock loving, beautiful women you are.

Once you get bitten by the bug, your desire for black cock is almost unquenchable. You think about it day in and day out and even after you have a black c0ck stretching your pu$sy and throbbing as it deposits a load of cumm so big that you can’t keep it all in, you still want more.

Suddenly, you ‘re seeing the black guy who delivers your UPS packages in a whole new light, you hone in on a stud crossing the street at a crosswalk, even your next door neighbor causes an itch in your pu$sy when you see him outside mowing the lawn with no shirt on.There are black men everywhere and you want to fuk each and every one of them.

There is an insastiable desire inside every white woman who craves black diick. Only a black man can bring out the slut deep inside her. While everyone else might see a beautiful, nice, and faithful wife, the black men she fuks know that inside, she’s a black-hearted slut who will do anything for a black man’s cock.


  1. cool =) I love black dudes =)

  2. Great site , love it

    Another site with good interracial is

  3. I agree any blcks in comfort like yng

  4. Hi. Just seen your blog and its great. Im a uk male and have been cuckolded by three of my previous girlfriends. Love to see pics of guys watching their wives go black.

  5. Hi! I've just started my own blog about this lifestyle, and I would love to get in touch with you - perhaps you can give me hints, ideas and feedback about blogging and perhaps we link to one anothers blogs? Thanks! /Sanna