Saturday, November 20, 2010

We are black men. That means we make babies

They're known as 'baby fathers' - black men who have children with more than one partner. But while some white women lust after them, many black women have had enough. Yasmin Alibhai-Brown reports

MTV`s Rob D with his baby and his baby`s mama.

This has been an extraordinary week for Patrick Augustus. His autobiographical novel Baby Fathers has been optioned by the BBC. It is a bold move because the theme - young black men who have children with a number of women and wear this as a badge of honour - is usually left well alone by anxious white liberals and radical anti-racists who are always wary of "encouraging" racism.

The deal is worth nearly £1m and Augustus, himself a father of five, is delighted if a little bemused. He is your proud, black, urban man with all those subversive traits that are irresistible to many women and deeply threatening to white men. Last winter he brought another baby father, Victor, to talk to me about his children for a book I am writing.

There was, said a weary Victor, the problem of the new black woman who no longer indulges men like him: "They're changing, man. Three strikes and you're out. They want their BMW man who will come home bringing flowers, a happy-ever-after life. Most black men can't provide this."

Patrick, a local hero among south London lads, believes that men who womanise are victims of circumstance and of wily women who know exactly how to exert power using their sexuality: "There is a lot of animosity between black men and black women today. Black men reject intelligent black women and go with young girls who look up to them. You know, give them comfort because it is hard being a black man. Sad to say, what starts as a dance or a flirtation, ends up as a baby. And let me tell you, there are a number of men who never agreed to be fathers. It was the girls who decided and who went ahead."

This may well be the case sometimes. But again and again and again? What about personal responsibility, what about restraint? And the boasting which we have both heard from baby fathers about their big and small babies? Is this not living down to the worst stereotypes of black men?

Yes and no, says Paul, 23, a computer programmer who "visits" three baby mothers at the moment, two black and one white: "Yes we are doing what society expects. Just like Darcus [Howe] once said. We are black men, that means we make babies all the time. I try to buy them nice things and I would break anyone who tried to harm my kids. But try to go inside our heads. We are kept out of everything. The one place we know we can win, where the white man is no good, is in bed. This is where we can be kings. That is what I thought when I was young. All my children were born before I was 21."

It is essential not to see this only as a "black" problem. Young white men have as many partners and children. All around us there are black fathers and partners - Sir Herman Ouseley, Paul Boateng and a host of others - who are role models for all of society. Writing in Black British Feminism, the academic Tracey Reynolds rightly criticises the dangerously simplistic way this subject has been dealt with in the media, but you only have to read the Voice to see that it is now perceived as a major area of concern.

The 1991 census recorded that 49% of Afro-Caribbean families are headed by a lone mother compared with 14% in the general population. Some are high achievers who have made the decision to go it alone, partly because they cannot find the man and relationship they want. These are self-determining baby mothers rather than gullible victims of baby fathers.

Others are lone mothers as a result of death, divorce and other "normal" events. But a substantial number are young, poor and emotionally vulnerable. But even these women do seem to be getting more sussed.

Sadie, 19, has two children by two men who are friends: "I am stupid. I thought they were the coolest guys, and I was so lucky. They were great dancers and they look at you and you melt. But now I just want to look after my boys. I don't want them to grow up like their dads - all talk and nothing else."

Donna, finally decided to throw out Wayne, the father of her child and another by her arch rival in school, Aimee: "I think Aimee and I both had babies as a competition for a man who was never worth it. Then he started beating me up and said he would go off to her if I complained. And just to keep face I said nothing. Now some third woman is expecting his child. I will not let him near my child."

A number of other women have multiple partners themselves so that they are not dependent on the good will of one baby father. Patrick despises such women: "They want one man to fix the house, another for sex, one to take them partying. They use children as weapons and I have seen men crying over the way they are treated."

He has started a pressure group for men struggling against women who are becoming a little too much like baby fathers themselves. White baby mothers are, I think, less trouble. I spent an evening with a group of them recently and they were indeed desperate to be understanding. They talked about the effects of slavery on black men, and explained how it was possible to live with betrayal and double-standards. Lust was high on the list.

As Susie, 20, put it: "White men are boring and safe. A lot of white girls think black men have great bodies, like D'Angelo, and we want to have their babies because they are so beautiful. I like a cool, tough guy, you know."

Yet, according to research in progress by sociologist Ravinder Barn, these beautiful babies of white mothers are increasingly ending up in care mainly because the women find it so hard to cope. These women are isolated, disapproved of by both black and white communities, often abused. If they find a white partner, new problems can arise with the child and the baby father. Many do not want their children to go, but feel they have no option.

There may still be some women willing to oblige, but even Patrick now accepts that the good old days seem to be coming to an end for the baby father. He is worried, though, that his fame and fortune will make him a victim of an ambitious baby mother instead.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Is Black Dick Really Better?

Even positive stereotypes are still stereotypes, and one of the oldest ones in creation--often patronizingly used by white folk--is that black dick is the best shit on earth. It's supposedly bigger, hotter, livelier, and more do-able than any other appendage on the planet, even more welcome than a stick shift on a free Oprah giveaway car.

But is it true? Is a black penis by necessity more alluring than a pasty white wee-wee? And if it isn't, doesn't the forced expectation result in shrieks of disappointment every time an African American man undresses?

Someone please open up your trap and tell me the real deal on this culinary subject. I've never sampled such a thing--I mean let's pretend I've never sampled such a thing--and I'm anxious to hear your views on whether dark chocolate is always tastier than the white stuff. And what about Asians?

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Karissa Shannon & Sam Jones sex tape released!!!

Looks pretty hot!!! This is supposed to be a very kinky vid.

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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Too many women, Not enough BBC!

Hello guys and gals,

I apologize for my lack of updates on this blog. I have had alot of things going on in my personal life. But I will try to update this site and my other one

The Interracial Swinging Lifestyle seems to be growing stronger and stronger everday! With BBC/Interracial sites/forums/groups looking for BBC. I have lots of women (mostly white) and (mostly white couples) contacting me about looking for BBC. The problem is there just does not seem to be enough. I was wondering if anyone reading this might have any ideas/suggestions as to how to get/find more black men to find out about and join into these groups and hook up with women and couples. I will personally be scouring sites and groups such as "Black Planet" and "Adultspace" to find more black men to join. It is so wonderful that this lifestlye is growing but "Black Men" we need you!!!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Mandingo Parties


I don’t suppose there is any point in decrying the level to which our culture has succeeded in creating an environment where anything is for sale. Sex is for sale – any kind of sex. Want to see a degrading act with a prepubescent boy? It can be arranged in the right location for the right money. How about a little girl and a large dog? I think I know someone who distributes those on the East Coast. Want to see a woman gang-banged by 50 guys? That’s easy – there have to be 100 or more DVD’s out on that theme.

Death is for sale. I’m not sure how you go about finding a killer for hire, but they’re out there. I would only want one in the event I want to contract out for my own death – you know, suicide by contract killer? But I’m afraid they’d arrest me and put me in jail for conspiracy to kill myself. But if you want to watch someone else die, look up “snuff film” and then start sniffing out your local distributor.

Love is for sale. Or an approximation of love is for sale. In Palm Springs we have many couples who are together for pecuniary reasons, but they profess love. And sometimes they revive the act, like an old soft shoe, and for a moment you believe the play is still on the boards. And then there are the younger guys who fall in love with an older man, who can tutor them, guide them, take them on trips, and buy them expensive clothes, and cars with ragtops. In these relationships love is being bandied about, but it actually isn’t part of the negotiations. You might call these talks the “Booty access for time in Amsterdam” negotiations. If concluded successfully, they determine the monthly allowance and vacation time allowances for the boy. They also determine what parts of the year the boy will be at the primary residence in Palm Springs or at any other residence or traveling, at the discretion of the old man. Normally, the old man gets 9 or 10 months and the boy gets 2 or 3. The old man can always let him go an extra couple of weeks and be a special old guy if he’s feeling magnanimous (or tired), but he doesn’t have to.

Now within these not very dramatic illustrations we have only a few of the horror stories of love, sex, and death portrayed on TV and in the movies. I could start writing various gruesome plots that I remember and not stop for pages, but I wouldn’t really be telling you anything you don’t already know. Very few people living in America during the last quarter century could have missed the deluge of profanity, sex, death, violence, and degrading act followed by more degrading act, as the writers and producers of shows stretched ever farther to be the most outrageous in grossing us out. They didn’t limit the degradation to the ways in which they killed people, they constantly presented us with new ways in which people would sell themselves (or be sold by others) for bizarre sexual exploitation. Alright, I have to admit, I picked up an idea or two, but the world would have been just as safe if I’d been left to find those things on my own (and I would have).

The most astounding thing in TV is that CBS actually got fined for showing Janet Jackson’s breast for a millisecond and nothing that has been shown on a crime drama or horror show has ever been challenged as too gross for TV.

But I wanted to tell you about one variation on the sex for money plot that recently came to my attention and was so unnerving that I thought I would share it with you. The reason it astounded me is that the whole thing revolves around a racist stereotype, and everybody acknowledges that. And racism is the one thing that TV almost always stays away from (with a few notable exceptions on Law and Order). However, for sure no one has looked at a racist “plot” in this way before.

It’s also interesting to me because for fourteen years I had a Black partner, and I had dated other Black men before getting involved with him. I frequently had to answer the question, “Do you have a thing for Black guys?” Or it’s moral equivalent, “You don’t like white guys, huh?” Neither was true. I liked Black, white, brown, and other colors of guys. It just so happened that I was open to dating Black guys in an environment where there were Black guys who were interested in cross racial dating and not many white guys were. And there was the whole Castro Clone thing happening and I wasn’t a Clone and the Black guys weren’t into the Clones, so the Clones didn’t want me and I’m one of those guys who goes where he’s wanted. Hello Black guys. Hello Mandingo legend.

So, I’ve been acquainted with Mandingo for along time. And like any legend – gay men having style, lesbians being butch and ugly, straight people cling hopelessly to out of date hairstyles – there is an element of truth to it. That is, I’ve certainly slept with Black men who had cocks that were bigger than your average bear. But not everyone was. However I did have the truly odd experience one time of having sex with a Black man and then having him apologize that his cock was not of Mandingo like proportions. He had an entirely normal sized penis and the sex was quite good, but he felt that he was not representing his race well. This is a case of the Mandingo legend causing psychological problems for a poor man who feels inadequate because he doesn’t live up to a myth.

MANDINGO is an evening of consenting adults.

In this case, I’ll describe a gay MANDINGO event, but they happen in heterosexual groups also. Actually I’d say they probably happen more in heterosexual events.

In a Mandingo event, something between 10 and 15 white men will gather at a house provided by a host who has organized the party and will supervise it to make sure everything goes according to the rules. Each of the white men will have paid between $500 and $700 for the evening. The amount varies depending upon how many playmates show up.

Playmates for this event are African-American men. They are supposed to have larger than average cocks, since that is the myth of Mandingo, and what the white guys are looking for. Mandingo is the origin of the old “Once you’ve had Black you can never go back.”

Optimally, there would be one playmate for each guy, but it looks like its going to be 8 playmates for 12 guys. That should work out alright. Start time is 8 p.m. and they have until 4:00 a.m. to play.

Most of the white guys want the Black guys to dominate them sexually, mostly by being the dominate partner in anal intercourse. Sometimes a white guy will be into something like water sports and he’ll want a guy to piss on him. It’s not a thing that Black guys tend to be into much, but they’ll do it in a commercial situation.

Anyway, this one is regular – twice a month. There are some others that float around and post on the internet.

The heterosexual parties are more controversial since it is white women paying Black men to have sex with them and debase them. That’s one of the white man’s biggest bugaboos – his woman would find out what sex with a Black man was like and would reject him ever after. Of course that is another aspect of the Mandingo legend; the almost miraculous potency of his seed, and the way that having been made love to by him spoils a woman for being held by anyone else.

Now, I think it must be made clear that it is still racist and inappropriate to desire a Black man because of some presumed sexual prowess related to his race unless you have first paid him to let you treat him that way. It’s really just another form of prostitution organized as a house party.

Who was it sang “Come on’a my house…” OH! Rosemary Clooney.

Note: Reverse Mandingo

I’ve seen advertised on the net a party for Black men, who pay several hundred dollars each for food, drinks, and one young, white (20’s), in shape, good looking, bottom, upstairs in a room for eight hours. The guy in the room is theirs for any reasonable sex. He can take two thirty minute breaks during the eight hours. Otherwise, he belongs to the guys. The guy in the room isn’t paid – he’s a volunteer. They do this once a month and apparently have no problem getting volunteers.

Bon appetite

Monday, March 2, 2009

Big Black Dick & Tight White Pussy Weight Loss Aid

Big Black Dick is the newest exercise Aid to help you lose weight. With some cast from Fear of a Black Hat. LOL.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The Black Cock Effect!!!

More and more married white females are jumping into the BBC lifestyle both legs airborne.

Black men need to understand that they have something very special to offer white women and couples, and thus in truth they are very much in demand. Because of the discreetness of this lifestyle, making contact with like minded folks is not always easy, but it IS always worthwhile. The interracial experience is something very unique, very special, and powerfully fulfilling. In light of our country's racial past, and the forbidden aspects of interracial contact especially between black men and white women, we are now seeing a floodgate of interracial passion and desire. White men are increasingly supportive of their women in this area, as they have begun to shed their instinctive fear of black male sexuality, and begun to see it as a force that can bring wonderful satisfaction to their women

For this reason, white couples are seeking out black men in record numbers. There are more white couples seeking black men than there are black men to go around. The gift of the black man's potent sexuality is now being recognized for it's true value. Now is the time for black men to promote their sexuality, and make themselves available for the interracial contacts that have become so popular. Guys, a whole new world of pleasure awaits you as you are welcomed into white bedrooms and between the sweet eager legs of white wives and girlfriends, as you use your potent sexuality to help us satisfy the deepest needs of the women we love.

Happily married white women in ever increasing numbers are discovering that a good and faithful marriage CAN INCLUDE intimacy with black men. More and more white couples are redefining their relationships to permit the wife to enjoy the intense pleasures of interracial sexuality with the encouragement and support of her husband. The joy of sharing this intensely erotic and pleasurable experience "as a couple" is the reason why more and more white couples are exploring the interracial experience.

Pics from